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Progress in Medicare Takes Many Forms: Moving Ahead with Maintenance Care After Jimmo

Somehow, although certainly not from a clear reading of the Medicare statute, it was long perceived as a rule that Medicare would only cover certain services if the patient was making measurable improvement.  This created the perverse circumstance that a

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Celebrating Independence: The Transition to Independence Act

Over the last several years, I have had the honor of getting to know some extraordinary advocates for people with disabilities.  I had been all-health, all the time, so many of the core issues were unfamiliar to me.  The more

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“Death Panels” No More!

First, I want to applaud Senators Warner and Isakson, and the bipartisan group who joined them as original sponsors, for deciding it was time to do away with “death panels” by introducing the Care Planning Act of 2015 yesterday. Of

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More Questions Than Answers: The Biosimilar Pathway

It’s not that often in the legal world that truly novel questions are presented, the kind to which lawyers can only offer answers in conjectures and hopes rather than opinions.  Now is such a time as the first biosimilar case

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Telemedicine and State Medical Boards: When Turfiness Goes Too Far

The argument that state boards of medicine (or, for that matter, state licensure of attorneys) are outdated has existed for years.  Now that a national standard of care predominates, what is the justification for state licensure?  In theory, more local

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